Act IV, Scene-V Detailed Summary of Hamlet: "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare

Elsinore. A room in the Castle. Here Ophelia enters the room of castle and appears to have gone half mad. She is not in her senses and both queen and the king are shocked at her sorrow and mental state of loss. When she exits the king shares the gravity of matter of Polonius' murder. Later they are informed of Laertes' return from abroad and his words of revenge. It is also reported that a group of people is supporting Laertes with the words:

"Caps, hands, and tongues applaud it to the clouds,
'Laertes shall be king! Laertes king!'"

Soon there is shout at the gate and Laertes enters the royal palace by force with his men. The king tries to calm down Laertes and during their discussion comes Ophelia. She behaves in a manner which shows a part madness. This further grieves Laertes but the king calms him down by offering:

"Make choice of whom your wisest friends you will, And they shall hear and judge 'twixt you and me"