Introduction to Hamlet, the prince of Denmarks, a play by William Shakespeare

Hamlet is the tragedy of a prince that met misfortune owing to his failure to act swiftly as imposed upon him the necessity of time. The prince happens to be a great thinker and moralist whilst the scholastic Hamlet as well as the soldier Hamlet are the two extremes of the prince whose father has been slayn and his mother has married the person considered guilty of the murder. The prince Hamlet was to succeed his father as king but due to the marriage of his mother with Hamlet's uncle, the uncle has ascended the throne.

The ghost of the murdered king, the father of Hamlet, appears several times and clearly names the person that killed him but Hamlet's scholastic side is heavier which prevails upon the hour and the prince remains unable to act. He cannot foil the plots of his uncle nor the unfaithfulness of his mother.