Themes and Important Topics: Waiting for Godot by Samuel Becket

Chaotic Condition of Man:

The prime theme of the play is the loss and chaotic condition of modern man where there is so much confusion and paralysis that it renders man incapable of any change unless there is an intervention by the Sublime and Mighty God. In "Waiting for Godot", Samuel Becket has portrayed a dismal and shocking condition of man. The characters and relationships create a sheer sense of loss and chaos. All the relationships remain unable to support each other in finding solution to their problem but it seems that the matter has gone beyond the reach of human wisdom and prowess.

Importance of society:

The role of society has been highlighted which play a great role either it be the deterioration or improvisation in the elevation of human civilization. Society is always needed be it hell or heaven. Similarly, the characters in this play are dependent on each other; Pozzo is dependent on Lucky while Estragon cannot do without Vladimir. Similarly Vladimir also wants Estragon to remain with him. They even think of suicide together.


Though the modern man's plight is unbearable and no rescue is at hand yet we do find certain hope with the relation of Estragon and Vladimir. The relationships are important in associating rays of hope, sympathy and wit as well. Probably, it is due to these relationships that the characters are able to bear the pain and misery.

Role of Time:

The impact of time reflects the burden of existence for these characters which is contrasted and reflected in their relationships. Further, time has lost its meaning and relevance. It does not matter it took a night or a year or a whole youth in the forming of new leaves to a "yesterday's" bare tree. It does not matter how long ago it was when Pozzo had eyes. It's similarly irrelevant of what time Godot would come but the characters are quite sure that he would come.