Act II, Part-II Detailed Summary of Waiting for Godot: "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Becket

Enter Lucky and Pozzo. Lucky is carrying the baggage while Pozzo is following him for he is blind now. On encountering them, Lucky stops and Pozzo collides with Lucky and both fall. Pozzo keeps on shouting for help but instead of raising him, Vladimir and Estragon keep on rejoicing the arrival of Godot. Suddenly, Vladimir remembers that he is Pozzo not Godot. They don't help Pozzo and Lucky. Vladimir reminds Estragon of the bone given by Pozzo and then they think of helping them. Estragon stops and asks Vladimir to ask for the bone first before getting Pozzo up. Vladimir reminds him that Lucky can get up any moment so they should help Pozzo and he may give them something for this favour. Vladimir speaks like a scholar: "But at this place, at this moment of time, all mankind is us, whether we like it or not. Let us make the most of it, before it is too late!"

They don't act. It's mere talk asscociated with their characters. They don't help Pozzo and begin yet another scholastic talk While Pozzo shouts for help offering a hundred francs if they help. Estragon refuses considering the littleness of the amount. Pozzo offers 200 francs and Vladimir rushes to help him but Vladimir stumbles and falls himself. Vladimir is also shouting for help now. But Estragon has no mood to help them. Estragon promises to help on the condition that they leave this place for ever. Vladimir promises. But in the efforts to lift Vladimir, Estragon himself falls. This suggests the incapability of modern man.

They silent Pozzo by kicking him and remain fallen on the ground. Nobody gets up. Pozzo moves away from them while shouting for help. After a detailed questioning of Estragon, they stand up and help Pozzo to his feet but he falls again. Finally he stands on his feet. Since, he is blind, he does not recognize them at all. Pozzo asks them what time is it and they have no clue because it is night and their memory is vague. We observe that time has played its havocs onto the memory of Pozzo too: "I don't remember having met anyone yesterday. But tomorrow I won't remember having met anyone today. So don't count on me to enlighten you."

Lucky resembles the weak and humble man bearing the burden of existence. He is so used to the burden that Pozzo loads sand onto him when he has no fortune to carry luggage on Lucky. Then Pozzo and Lucky disappear from the scene while Pozzo utters: "They give birth astride of a grave, the light gleams an instant, then it's night once more".

Then Estragon falls asleep and Vladimir thinks that tomorrow everything will be repeated again. Suddenly, a boy enters the scene. And Vladimir repeats the same questions as in the Act I and the boy has the same replies that he does not know them and he has met them for the first time. This time Vladimir asks the boy what Godot does and the answer is: "He does nothing, Sir". The boy gives the message that "Godot will come tomorrow". We at last know that Godot has a white beard. Vladimir jumps on the boy but he runs away. Estragon and Vladimir start to move away from the stage with words: "We'll hang ourselves tomorrow. (Pause.) Unless Godot comes".