Act II, Part-I Detailed Summary of Waiting for Godot: "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Becket

They are strange in their behaviour, the two of them are always at odds but they would never like to part. Estragon says to Vladimir: "Don't touch me! Don't question me! Don't speak to me! Stay with me!" They try to remember if it was really yesterday when they came to that place. And they are not even certain if it were the same place they were before. They feel their life is burdensome: "To every man his little cross...Till he dies...And is forgotten."
They decide to converse in order to pass the time. They talk to each other. They question each other but all of their discussion and arguing begets nothing but the sense that they are lost and forgotten. They need a saviour that they are without.

Suddenly they discover that the tree has got leaves while it was bare yesterday. It is not possible that the tree has got new leaves overnight. It means that they have come there after a long time. But they still believe that it is after one day that they are standing near the same tree and the same mound. Estragon challenges Vladimir: "I tell you we weren't here yesterday". However, Estragon is clueless when Vladimir asks him where they have been if not here last evening. Estragon remembers nothing of yesterday and the memory of Vladimir is not trustable by any stretch of imagination because what he calls a night could even be a decade.

Vladimir reminds Estragon of the kick he received from Lucky. He also tells him the shoes he left there last evening. But Estragon does not recognise his boots. Estragon wants to go but Vladimir reminds him that they are waiting for Godot and "there's nothing we can do". They have just got to wait for Godot to come if he ever comes.

Vladimir helps Estragon put on the shoes and these fit him. These don't hurt him anymore. Then Estragon sleeps and is horrified due to nightmare. Estragon wishes to go but they can't for they are waiting for Godot. After sometime, we listen Estragon uttering the words like "I'm going" but he never goes. Then in order to kill the time, they decide to play Lucky and Pozzo. Suddenly Estragon hears some voices and becomes afraid. He tries to hide but he has no place to. He realizes that he can neither hide nor is there any place to go to. He can't do anything else. He is just to live and wait for Godot.