The Hunted second part of the trilogy, Detailed Summary of Mourning Becomes Electra: "Mourning Becomes Electra" by O Neil

In this part Orin returns home while her father is yet to be buried. Lavinia does her best to convince her brother but he is all out for his mother. He is willing to believe her. He ignores Hazel and her love. He tells his mother that he likes and loves her. He has never been in love with Hazel. He took interest in Hazel just to create jealousy in her mother. Christine is very happy and tells Orin that Lavinia has gone mad because she has been talking foolishly in a nonsense manner about her. She also relates the episode of Adam Brant having an affair with Lavinia. Lavinia keeps on trying to get hold of Orin whenever he is alone.
Once she finds a chance to do so, she argues with Orin that their mother has killed their father to marry Adam Brant, her secret lover. Orin cannot believe all such about his mother. He threatens Lavinia. He orders her to prove her accusations or be ready for the worst. Both of them pose as if going to Hazel's house. This provides Christine the golden opportunity of meeting Adam Brant. She flies to meet him. While both of them are on board of the harboured ship, Lavinia takes Orin on the spot.

They listen to the conversation between Adam Brant and their mother. When she is gone, Orin kills Adam Brant. This is the "justice" and the revenge on the part of Lavinia against her mother. She snatched her father. And now Lavinia took away her mother's lover from her, leaving her alone. Now, Christine is unable to face Orin when he come home and tells that he has killed Adam Brant because he knows all. He seems to be full of hatred for his mother. Christine is left with no choice but to commit suicide and depart from this life. So, this she does and the fire of a pistol is heard.

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