Home Coming: Act IV, Detailed Summary of Mourning Becomes Electra: "Mourning Becomes Electra" by O Neil

Ezra wakes up with a start and begins to talk to Christine. He tells her that he is uneasy. He is waiting for something. She inquires and he says that she has been lying to him about love since their wedding night. He says:

"You were only pretending love! You let me take you as if you were a nigger slave I'd bought at auction! You made me appear a lustful beast in my own eyes!--as you've always done since our first marriage night".

Christine bursts out:

"You want the truth? You've guessed it! You've used me, you've given me children, but I've never once been yours".

The quarrel goes on and she finally declares that she has been in love with Adam Brant.

Ezra Mannon, in his attempt to fly at her, rises suddenly but only to clutch at his heart. He has a heart attack. He needs his medicine. Christine gives him poison instead of the medicine. He takes the poison from the hands of Christine and swallows believing it a medicine but soon realizes the treachery of Christine. He shouts for help. Lavinia comes and he signals towards her and has indicated the killer before breathing his last:

"She's guilty-not medicine!". In the agony of lost love, Lavinia has decided to take revenge from her mother and she says her: "You murdered him!"

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