Home Coming: Act III, Detailed Summary of Mourning Becomes Electra: "Mourning Becomes Electra" by O Neil

In the beginning Lavinia is telling Seth that her father Ezra may come home tonight. Seth tells her that Marie Brant was a beautiful free life-style lady who was bold with everyone. Her father, Ezra a young boy then, was also very much interested in her. But later she married her father's uncle David. She gets angry on this and rebukes Seth. Lavinia warns her mother again not to see that Adam Brant again. And she pretends she has not been. And at night General Ezra Mannon does arrive. Lavinia is so excited and emotional. Ezra spends some time with them and then retires to his room with his wife. Ezra tells that he has been on a few days leave. He needs to go back. Ezra also informs that Orin was wounded in the war though he is safe. Lavinia is worrier for her father:

"How is the trouble with your heart, Father?" Lavinia starts the topic of Adam Brant courting her mother. Christine says that he is rather Lavinia's beau. They both argue and Ezra gets angry at this. He rebukes both to behave. Then Lavinia assures her father:

"Don't let Mother make you believe I--You're the only man I'll ever love! I'm going to stay with you!".

Later in the bed room, Christine gets so soft with Ezra and makes him believe that Adam Brant is imposing himself on their daughter Lavinia. She doesn't like that man but since he brings news from New York about her sick father, therefore, she doesn't get harsh with him. Ezra is fooled into believing this. Both talk about life and happiness. Ezra speaks of death in philosophical terms and the horrors of wars. Then they go to sleep.

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