Mourning Becomes Electra Orin Character:

Orin, another subject of the Oedipus complex, is the only male heir of the Mannon family. He is on the front fighting for the country. Before his return back to the country, his father has been poisoned and murdered by his mother, Christine. Instead of showing deep concerns and casting a gloom over the murder of his father, we find him quite relax and internally satisfied. Though Lavinia, out of revenge and jealousy, tries her level best to instigate the feelings of a son's affection but we find none. He harshly rebukes Lavinia and asks her not to discuss the matter anymore.

Moreover, we are shocked to know that Orin is as involved in the love and incestuous desires of his mother as Lavinia have been mad for her father's. This equates Orin with Lavinia. He ignores Hazel, his cousin, and her love. Orin tells his mother that he likes and loves her. He has never been in love with Hazel. He took interest in Hazel just to create jealousy in her mother:

"That was only to make you jealous! (then bitterly) But now you're a widow, I'm not home an hour before you're trying to marry me off! You must be damned anxious to get rid of me again! Why?"

Christine is very happy and tells Orin that Lavinia has gone mad because she has been talking foolishly in a nonsense manner about her. She also relates the episode of Adam Brant having an affair with Lavinia. Lavinia keeps on trying to get hold of Orin whenever he is alone.

After his mother has died, Lavinia is left with Orin. In a short while Orin has been taking the fullest interest in her. She resembles her mother and this has directed attention of Orin from a brotherly love to something much more than that. He even proposes her to stay with him and ignore Peter. He demands incestuous love from his sister. She retaliates and shouts back on him. Orin, out of a feeling of defeat and jealousy from Peter, commits suicide.

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