Mourning Becomes Electra Christine Character:

She is the wife of General Ezra Mannon and the mother of Orin and Lavinia. She is the only responsible person for the Oedipus complex of her children. She has a loathsome feeling for her husband. Therefore, she keeps a sexual relationship with Adam, a cousin of Ezra. Christine tells her husband clearly that:

"You want the truth? You've guessed it! You've used me, you've given me children, but I've never once been yours! "

However, it may be admitted that she appears in opposition to her daughter Lavinia whereas she seems to like and care about Orin. Despite her feelings of antagonism for Lavinia, she wants Orin to settle down and marry his cousin Hazel.

"I was selfish then. I was jealous, too, I'll confess. But all I want now is your happiness, dear. I know how much you used to like Hazel--"

Indeed there are other arguments too which may relate the it as a plan for getting free and marrying Adam when there is no one to disturb the peace of her life.

She is the extremely unfaithful and remains disloyal to her husband. She poisons her husband when he returns from war. When Lavinia doubts her and accuses her of the murder she even tries to prove that her daughter has gone out of her senses. But we may feel, during the course of the play that she is in deep love with Adam. She really wishes to settle down with him:

"I am glad, too!--that he has left us alone! Oh, how happy we'll be together,"

But Lavinia is always there to shatter all her plans. She has to commit suicide when Orin kills Brant.

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