Adam Character in Mourning Becomes Electra:

Adam Brant, a cousin of Ezra Mannon, is a sea farer. He is in love with the sea as well as the beautiful wife of General Ezra Mannon, Christine. Though he wants to avenge the family grudges against Mannon family yet the love he shows for Christine seems genuine and true; however, we may not support the unethical relationship between the two of them. Adam is so genuine in his love with Christine that towards the end of the play when Christine tells him of the dangers she has brought into his life, he merely responds in the most romantic but sincere tone:

"You've brought love--and the rest is only the price. It's worth it a million times!"

He has passed the whole of his life at sea and cannot think of anything but sea voyages. He claims to be a man of straight speaking though he cannot be especially with regard to his relationship with Christine:

"I've lived most of my life at sea and in camps and I'm used to straight speaking"

Since, Adam is there with evil intentions, having affair with a married woman and intriguing with her for the murder of her husband; therefore, we don't feel for the death of Adam towards the end of the 2nd part of the play when Adam becomes "hunted".

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