Important Text From Mourning Becomes Electra by O' Neil

Quote : "He's able, Ezra is! Folks think he's cold-blooded and uppish, 'cause he's never got much to say to 'em. But that's only the Mannons' way. They've been top dog around here for near on two hundred years and don't let folks forget it."

Quote : "This town's real proud of Ezra."

Quote : "Which is more'n you kin say for his wife. Folks all hates her! She ain't the Mannon kind. French and Dutch descended, she is. Furrin lookin' and queer."

Quote : "But that was ages ago! And I haven't had a letter in months. I guess he must have met another girl some place and given me the go by."

Quote : " I don't know anything about love! I don't want to know anything! (intensely) I hate love!"

Quote : "He needs me more!"

Quote : "I can't marry anyone, Peter. I've got to stay home. Father needs me"

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