Discuss Important Themes and Topic in "The Boy Comes Home" by A. A Milne

Theme of War in The Boy Comes Home:

The Boy Comes Home Themes and Topics: The most important theme of the play is war and the insanity it introduces in human society. The butchering of humankind is the other name of war. The playwright has artistically presented the horrors of war on the social front. He wishes to make us aware that war is the antidote of social life and established norms of a nation. A timid boy, Philip, has just returned from war and all he knows today is the fact that human life has no value. He understands that "we use force to put down force" is the rule of today. Therefore, he may even use force to gain his ends.

Theme of Guidance and Instructions :

Invariably, all parents and elders believe that owing to their vast experience of life they are to impart instructions and guidance to the youth without any regard to their interest or liking. They believe the youth may go athwart following its wild passions and may end up as a waste and spoil. The fear of harm to their young ones forces the parents to carve their path cautiously. The playwright deems it the right of parents to decide on the part of the youth but he also considers it necessary for the elders to listen to the heart and feelings of the young ones and decide the best accordingly.

Theme of Appearance and Reality :

This is interesting to note that appearance are often deceptive. It is merely an appearance that Mrs. Higgins would resign if she is ordered against the settled timetable. She is a stolid and tall woman of angry looks but Philips manages her quite well. She proves to be a weak personality when exposed. Similarly, Uncle James seems a severe and harsh person but the impact of just one dream has revealed what he actually is deep inside.