Short Summary of The Boy Comes Home: "The Boy Comes Home" by A.A. Milne

The play is comedy dealing with the return of a young boy that went to the war four years ago. The society is expecting the same romantic and value rich response from the partakers of this war but things have changed. Rather it would not be wrong to say that all has changed except the body which survived at the cost of all. The playwright projects simple scenarios of everyday life to help us visualize how the practical and demanding field of military life not only strengthened and disciplined the lazy and timid youth but aslo how the acts of war destroyed him.

It is a room in Mr. James house where Philip is sitting for breakfast after the usual hour as determined by Mr. James. Nobody can have breakfast aft 8:00. But James has just returned from war and wants his breakfast after that hour. He asks Marry, the servant, to get him something to eat. She is very afraid of the cook, Mrs. Higgins. But Philips orders her to go and get the breakfast. Aunt Emily enters and seems very caring about Philip. She asks about his stay in the trenches. Then we come to know that Philip does not like much of his uncle James because his strict rules and regulations.