"The Boy Comes Home" as a light comedy: Comedy in "The Boy Comes Home" by A.A Milne

The Boy Comes Home is a classic light hearted comedy

"The Boy Comes Home" is a domestic comedy which reveals the little follies of the parents as well as of guardians while behaving towards their young ones. The elders always think that only they know the best. Instead of guiding the youth, the old always deem it necessary to impose their decisions on the young. Uncle James seems to be one such example. He has a nephew under his guardianship. The nephew has just returned from war, a horror of man's existence. The uncle wishes to be the same severe and strict discipline loving person but the changed circumstances forces him to behave in an awkward manner which really amuses us.

The uncle wakes up early and asks him wife about the nephew. He is angry over the irresponsible behavior of his youthful ward. His wife does her best to convince her husband for being soft to the youth but she cannot convince him to be. However, she does tell him about the changed personality of the nephew and hints at confirming the same from Mrs. Higgins. The uncle wants the nephew to meet him. The uncle falls asleep while he is waiting for his nephew, Philip. The uncle dreams that his nephew has come with a pistol to force him for letting him study architect or to release his funds and estate to him. The uncle begs for his life and surrenders before his nephew.

When the uncle wakes up he finds himself still lying on the arm chair near the fireplace. Suddenly his nephew enters the room and asks his uncle why he has been summoned. The uncle is surprised because in his believe he has just met his nephew. The uncle is still under the influence of humiliation. The uncle then asks Philip if he wishes to be an architect. Philip is surprised at the question. He tells his uncle that he wishes to join his business. Mr. James, the uncle, cannot believe whether his dream was real or the current situation is real. However, he reconciles to his nephew.