Discuss Important Themes and Topic in "The-Bear" by Anton Chekhov

Theme of Emotions and Man in The Bear:

The Play "The Bear" carries the theme that man is a slave to his feelings, he may try and tame his emotions for a while but it shall not work for a longer period of a time. Smirnov claims to ignore women as much as he can. But all he claims fall flat before Popova when her cheek shone and her dimpled cheeks. Similarly, Popova claims to have died with her late husband, yet she cannot restrain her basic feelings of love and being loved.

Theme of Loneliness and Companionship in The Bear:

Man is a social animal and needs company for his emotional and psychological survival. The playwright considers that it was loneliness that forced Popova to embrace Smirnov towards the end of the play; her mind was forcing her to be alone and faithful to her "unfaithful husband" while her inner self and sexual urges were yearning for a companion. She finally fell for the person she would have remained at a distance in normal circumstances.

Theme of Love in The Bear:

Love is one of the basic themes of the play. Both Smirnov and Popova are claiming that they have had enough of it. Popova's late husband was unfaithful and betrayed her at every step whereas Smirnov would not give even a brass furthing for women and love's sake. Smirnov goes on to state that he can "sit on a barrel of gunpowder than to talk to woman". They both challenge each other and call themselves names. But the deep rooted demand of love forces them to be united.

Theme of Charm of beauty and physical might in The bear:

It won't be wrong to consider that if beauty appeals to men, physical might and aggression has a similar and equal impact on the minds of women. Though Popova wishes to put a bullet in Smirnov's thick head yet she cannot refuse him when he proposes her. The impact of Smirnov's might when he presses the back of a chair and it creaks and breaks, perhaps, reflects the pressure of the a man's existence on Popova and her resistance gives way to maculine love.