Introduction of The Bear: "The Bear" by Anton Chekhov

"The Bear" is a one act play written to amuse the audience of general human fallacies and errors that we are prone to. All the mistakes and follies depicted within the personalities of the characters help us laugh at ourselves and realize how fools we are when we try to assert things too rigidly. Smirnov might consider himself wise while he keeps on making fun the beautiful Popova but we all understand his position which ultimately fails him. Human nature is the single most factor in determining the outfalls for the characters of the play whereas they tend to deviate from the obvious and in doing so they do excess which embarrasses them. However, later they realize how stupid they have been and reconcile to what life has for them to offer. The bear is a thorough satire set at the human behaviour and complex thought pattern in the subconsciousness. The outer soft image tries to crush the inner "bear",emotions, while the fire and heat of passions cannot be contained. Popova, a beautiful widow with dimpled cheeks, is mourning the death of her late husband. She seems to have been trying to crush the very basic human needs of herself while her servant, Luka, an old and practical man is trying to advise her:

"It isn't right, madam.... You're just destroying yourself."

While in a deep sentimental tone she rejects his advice:

"My life is already at an end. He is in his grave, and I have buried myself between four walls....We are both dead".

He says that she has not been going out. She has confined herself between the four walls of her house. He advises her to go about and get married because "you're young and beautiful, with roses in your cheek".