Important Text and best lines From The Bear by Anton Chekhov

Quote : "My life is already at an end. He is in his grave, and I have buried myself between four walls?. We are both dead"

Quote : "We live, so to speak, like spiders, and never see the light"

Quote : "When Nicolai Mihailovitch died, life lost all its meaning for me. I vowed never to the end of my days to cease to wear mourning"

Quote : "I know it's no secret to you that he was often unfair to me, cruel, and... and even unfaithful, but I shall be true till death, and show him how I can love"

Quote : "My love will die out with me, only when this poor heart will cease to beat. "

Quote : "It's exactly seven months to-day since the death of my husband, and I'm in a state of mind which absolutely prevents me from giving money matters my attention"

Quote : "And I'm in a state of mind which, if I don't pay the interest due to-morrow, will force me to make a graceful exit from this life feet first. They'll take my estate!"

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