Important Literary Reference Text, Top Lines and Quotes from Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw

Arms and the Man Important Text Selected lines
Quote : "Oh, if you have a drop of Bulgarian blood in your veins, you will worship him when he comes back. "

Quote : "I wish our people were not so cruel. What glory is there in killing wretched fugitives?"

Quote : "She does not kiss it or press it to her breast, or shew it any mark of bodily affection; but she takes it in her hands and elevates it like a priestess."

Quote : "Nine soldiers out of ten are born fools"

Quote : " I wish for your sake I had joined the Bulgarian army instead of the Servian."

Quote : "I am only a Swiss, fighting merely as a professional soldier. I joined Servia because it was nearest to me"

Quote : "I've no ammunition. What use are cartridges in battle? I always carry chocolate instead; and I finished the last cake of that yesterday."

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