Only the Famous and Selected 'Women'Best Quotes

Quote : "Know farther yet; Whoever fair and chaste
Rejects Mankind, is by some Sylph embrac'd"

Quote : "You'll meet a cat with a horn or a white woodcock sooner than a constant woman!"

Quote : "She is young, wise, fair;
In these to nature she's immediate heir"

Quote : "She never yet was foolish that was fair;
For even her folly help'd her to an heir."

Quote : "An ugly woman's spouse is better blind."

Quote : "Trust not your daughters' minds
By what you see them act."

Quote : "Women are jealous of ships. They always suspect the sea. They know they're three of a kind when it comes to a man!"

Quote : "The ringlets of the beautiful are the fetters of reason, and a snare to the bird of intelligence."

Quote : "Shut on that house the door of sweet content,
Where woman can aloud her passions vent."

Quote : "For when the Fair in all their Pride expire,
To their first Elements the Souls retire"

Quote : "The only way to behave to a woman is to make love to her, if she is pretty, and to some one else, if she is plain."

Quote : "Hang me on that nail feet upwards, if you like, but have you met a woman who can love anybody except a lapdog? "

Quote : " I'd rather sit on a barrel of gunpowder than talk to a woman."

Quote : "To consult with women is ruin."

Quote : "You may have buried yourself alive, but you haven't forgotten to powder your face! "

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