Only the Famous and Selected 'Fortune'Best Quotes

Quote : "It is better to be adventurous than cautious, because fortune is a woman, and if you wish to keep her under it is necessary to beat and ill-use her."

Quote : "Hast thou two hundred virtues on each hair ?
With adverse fate thou still wilt badly fare."

Quote : "Though more than fate supplies we ne'er can gain, Yet must we strive that portion to obtain".

Quote : "This world is not for aye, nor 'tis not strange
That even our loves should with our fortunes change"

Quote : "I hold it to be true that Fortune is the arbiter of one-half of our actions,but that she still leaves us to direct the other half, or perhaps a little less."

Quote : "Men in great fortunes are strangers to themselves."

Quote : "Hast thou two hundred virtues on each hair ?
With adverse fate thou still wilt badly fare".

Quote : "The makers of fortunes have a second love of money as a creation of their own."

Quote : "How all occasions do inform against me
And spur my dull revenge!"

Quote : "Who for their kinsmen no affection have,
On them the star of fortune ne'er will shine."

Quote : "HE THAT hath wife and children hath given hostages to fortune; for they are impediments to great enterprises."

Quote : "All men, or the larger number of them, who have performed great deeds in the world, and excelled all others in their day, have had their birth and beginning in baseness and obscurity; or have been aggrieved by Fortune in some outrageous way."

Quote : "Blest are those
Whose blood and judgment are so well commingled
That they are not a pipe for Fortune's finger
To sound what stop she please"

Quote : "Fair season maketh all things fair"

Quote : "FORTUNE is like the market; where many times if you can stay a little, the price will fall."

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