Only the Greatest and the Best Quotes from George Bernand Shaw

Quote : "Child, you don't know the power such high people have over the like of you and me when we try to rise out of our poverty against them."

Quote : "Soldiering... is the coward's art of attacking mercilessly when you are strong, and keeping out of harm's way when you are weak. That is the whole secret of successful fighting."

Quote : "And how ridiculous! Oh, war! war! the dream of patriots and heroes! A fraud, Bluntschli, a hollow sham, like love."

Quote : "Nine soldiers out of ten are born fools"

Quote : "You little know how unworthy even the best man is of a girl's pure passion!"

Quote : "I wish our people were not so cruel. What glory is there in killing wretched fugitives?"

Quote : "A gentleman has no right to hurt a woman under any circumstances."

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